Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Settlement of my Defamation Lawsuit against Pamela Geller

After a year of fighting, Pamela Geller finally caved in and agreed to permanently take down all of her defamatory posts regarding me to settle the lawsuit. This case for me was never about money, it was about standing up for myself. If she had only been willing to take down her defamatory posts regarding me a year ago, she would not have wasted thousands of dollars in litigation costs fighting me.

I am very confident that I would have won the case in the end. The facts were on my side no matter how Pamela Geller tried to twist them. The Court explicitly found that my case was not frivolous and the Court had almost a year of opportunity to dismiss my case by granting Pamela Geller’s motion to dismiss but chose not to. In the end, it was not worth wasting another two to three years fighting over the issue with Pamela Geller caving in and agreeing to take down the posts to settle the case today. 

Obviously, it is not feasible or practical to use the legal system to police all of the crazy and untrue things that get said and passed around on the internet about a person. However, at least in this case I took a stand and won.

I am very happy with this result and look forward to moving on with my life.